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Marketing Communication Plan

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Marketing communication plan

Situation Analysis:

Smooth Sexy Skin, the new line from Sexy Hair Products opens another door to the already expansive and loyal Sexy Hair Products customer base. Smooth Sexy Skin is marketed to adult women, with particular emphasis on already loyal customers.

  • Increase awareness of brand in existing market using social media
  • Online purchase of new product available online and in salons which often cater to more than just hair needs, including nails and skin.

In order for Smooth Sexy Skin to capture the attention of the current customer base who are already purchasing Sexy Hair salon products, a high profile on the website and showcase in Salons. This can be achieved by offering the salons free samples of the product to try before they recommend the product to their clients.

Communication Objectives:

  1. Company is prepared for online sales of new skin cream and distribution to salons
  • Distribution is aware of increased product going out of warehouses
  • IT is prepared for heavier online traffic
  • Enough inventory is prepared so there is no delay in shipment from time of order
  1. Company remains customer-centric through-out transition
  • The company maintains an easy to use website to encourage customers to purchase the new line from it
  • The company keeps to the high standards of the line through-out transition

Opportunities and Challenges:

  • More revenue from the new product line translates to more reward for employees
  • The all natural substance of the skin care line promotes sustainability and reduces chemical consumption


  • With the addition of a new skin care line the distribution center will be adding more product to their loads increasing work production and time
  • Maintaining good communication with the salons
  • Maintaining proper care of the website as traffic increases

Key Messages:

  • Smooth Sexy Skin will continue to offer the same fantastic products as it did with Sexy Hair care products.


  • Prepare website before launch to begin promoting product
  • Send samples with customer representatives to entice salons
  • Analyze feedback from salons who have tested product

Segmentation, target market, and positioning

        Market segmentation refers to the division of a broad market into smaller subsequent markets. Gender segmentation and income segmentation apply to Smooth Sexy Skin; the gender segmentation applies because the product line is segmented to women. The segmentation of income applies to Smooth Sexy Skin because while it is not extremely expensive it is on the higher end of the skin care line. “To reach target market, the marketer uses three kinds of marketing channels” (Kotler and Keller, 2012). The target market is who the business is focusing on, in this case it would be adult women. The communication, distribution, and service channels are used in the target market. The communication is primarily the internet; the sale of the skin care cream will be online and in salons. The communication between the company and the salons will allow the company to know if the product is selling successfully. Distribution will begin with the salons and eventually branch out to cosmetic counters in high end department for stores, i.e. Nordstrom or Macy’s. Service channels such as the warehouse that the distribution comes from and the transportation to get the cream where it belongs. The positioning strategy allows the company to create a distinct position for the brand. This was done with Sexy Hair products previously but the Smooth Sexy Skin line will have to have its own distinct position as it brands itself in the cosmetic line. The imagery created for Smooth Sexy Skin is bright and eye catching, with all natural ingredients and a pleasant light scent as to not be overpowering.


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