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Online Marketing Buiseness Plan

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Business idea: Starting a partnership with a big advertising agency by opening a new business unit of online advertising network.

Online advertising network is a company that connects web sites that want to host advertisements with advertisers who want to run advertisements.

Online advertising network includes 3 departments:

1. Media buying department which is responsible for purchasing time and advertising space on websites for the purpose of advertising.

2. Campaign management department which is responsible for analyzing campaigns, costumers and market dynamics.

3. Sales department: this department is responsible for bringing new advertisers from all over the world into the network.

I chose this industry as I worked 2 years in an online marketing network based in Israel and during this time I purchased a lot of experience and connections in the online industry. I started my career as a campaigns manager and have risen through the roles of Team leader and director of business development.

The perfect match for my business idea will be a partnership with an advertising agency that already has a big variety of worldwide advertisers and campaigns but they do not have their own exchange network. Usually the advertising agencies are working with several networks and in this way they are promoting their products. Owning fully functional ad network can be a good opportunity for the advertising agency to expand their business.

Opening the network requires a minimum investment and minimum actions-I have listed some of them below:

First thing you need to get an ad server which is a marketplace that enables advertiser's publishers and networks to trade digital media.


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