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Marketing Plan online Casino

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Writing a Marketing Plan


ViaGame.Com Pvt. Ltd.


Online Game Gambling

Prepared by: Group names and details

Group no. 2: Anvesh Srivastava(GJAN15CMM002), Nitesh Jain(GJAN15CMM009), Tasneem Pardiwala(GJAN15IBWM030), Aashna Khurana(GJAN15IBWM023), Anshul Shah(GJAN15GLSCM016)


Use the template below and research the relevant data to write a Market Plan for an internationally recognized product/brand of your choice.

Make sure that you clearly state all of the key objectives and Strategies for your plan and outline how you will implement and evaluate the plan.  The requirements for each section are clearly defined. This should help you with your research and recommendations.

You can research the relevant information from Books, Journals and industry websites. You can also estimate your financial recommendations based on your research. These estimates may not reflect exact company data.




After analyzing the market and consumer behavior in Australia, we have come up with an idea of providing the people with an online gambling platform to enable them pursue their interests in gambling with ease and convenience. The objective behind this business is to change the way gambling has been done till now, and capture a major portion of this ever growing market space.

This business plan is intended to raise a substantial amount of $200,000 for the development of this platform and market it to the target market segment. Also, a significant amount shall be spent for the development of various casino games to the players. This plan also contains the expected financials and allocation of the raised funds in each division. The basic revenue model is through the advertisements on the website.


To summarise the entire project, firstly the target market is defined which consists of the people of 21 years old and above, the target is interesting in trying new things, is technically sound and have good spending capacity. Since the internet connectivity and availability of various goods and services over the web and mobile application is fast catching pace and thus our product deals with the same. It’s almost $3 Billion industry with average growth rate of approx. 1.3% each year (Horse and Sports Betting in Australia: Market Research Report, 2015). There are various competitors such as William Hills, a UK based company that has recently ventured into the Australian market but they are more into Horse Race gambling, apart from that there is which has a similar kind of product structure. So there is scope to capture the market with innovation and fast adaptability. The financial indicators involve the break-even analysis, the point where we meet our initial investment related to website and server hosting database maintenance of all the users and their accounts web-sessions and money transactions.   


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