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Online Marketing - Evaluating Performance

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This is a false statement. Internet marketers should be interested in both measurements. The traffic and audience perspective only measures the site activity such as the number of times the link is clicked or the amount of times that an add banner is requested by the browser. The visitor usability perspective will provide information on who visited the site such as the style of the audience and the time they accessed the site. (Zahay & Roberts, 2013).


Tracking the metrics is important and necessary to maintain effectiveness. The amount spent to get a paying customer will define the return on the investment that the company is making. The number of clicks is important but it does not generate revenue, what generates revenue is the real customer, the one that buys the service or the product.

So, the more relevant measurement is the acquisition cost per customer because it will tell me how much I need to spend to get a paying customer and it will help me to ensure that we are generating sufficient income to cover those costs. (Sincavage, n.d.)


Companies engage in many ways to try and collect information about people’s online activity, such as the webpages people visit, so they can use it to show content that they believe is more relevant to the user. This is called behavioral advertisement.

Although I’ve learned that the data they collect is not tied to my personal information, I still find it scary to see my previous searches being displayed all over my social media sites, my emails and my online activity. It takes one search to start receiving all kinds of offers about exactly what you had previously searched. I haven’t experienced anything positive about that, I believe that the prices keep on changing. I remember last year when I was searching our family vacation, the prices on the hotel packages just kept on going up on the adds as if it was pressuring me to book it. Nowadays I don’t share much


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