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Employee Performance Evaluation by Dr. Syed Tahir Hijazi

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Book review.


Employee Performance Evaluation is written by Dr. SYED TAHIR HIJAZI. This book is based in organizational performance management using performance appraisals and evaluation. The author has written the book in very systematic matter initially talking about the readers the importance of performance appraisals that clearly demonstrates the purpose of evaluation, why organizations performance appraisals and what are the reasons of failure of performance appraisals all across the organizations. Then the author describes the policies of performance evaluation that every department has different evaluation policies as per the requirement of each job, it also elaborates that who will make the policies and how it is made and what is the policy statement. The book also focuses on the standards set for performance evaluation that every one has to follow in the organization. The author has also discussed some case studies of Pakistan local organizations through which he explained the need of job description and its relation with performance, as Dr. Tahir is a Pakistani author he discussed performance evaluation laws prevailing in Pakistan. Further he also explained the guidelines for successful performance evaluation, methods for performance evaluation, and methods for different business sectors have also been explained in this book. As we are living in the world where emerging technology exists so the author explained the software based performance evaluation and its advantages and disadvantages. The book is very practical in nature because author used a lot of case studies and examples of different organization operating in Pakistan in order to explain the all the concepts discussed in the book so that we can come to know the true application of this book in the practical field. Theoretical knowledge is meaningless until or unless we relate it to the current organizational situations, criteria’s or procedures followed in organizations. This book helps us in getting to now the current organizational processes and standards by reading all the cases discussed in the book.

Critical Review:

The author perfectly executed his thoughts, being a reader we could really understand the main jest of performance management in an organization. The strength of this book was that the author explained his thoughts in a detailed manner. In the starting of the book the author explained the definition of performance evaluation and its purpose and importance in any organization, by the we has a clear mind of what would e the whole book is about. Author strength was that each concept was systematically explained which allowed us to understand how and when we use performance evaluation. Indeed the author was successful in delivering his thoughts by making use of several case studies of local organizations in Pakistan. What we really liked


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