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Measuring Employee Performance

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Measuring Employee Performance

Daifallah Alshaikhi

ACT500: Managerial Accounting

Colorado State University-Global Campus

Saudi Electronic University

Stan Helm

22 April-2015

Measuring Employee Performance


        All associations oversee performance to some degree. Overseeing worker performance is a necessary piece of overseeing financial related assets and system outcomes and has a significant impact on both the financial and project parts of any association. With business globalization and expanded rivalry on the worldwide business, associations are going under expanding pressure to expand profitability and decrease costs. In attaining to this, most associations oversee worker performance by utilizing performance evaluation methods. This article will summarize a study made to evaluate the job performance of employees at first capital plus limited.

Problem or Opportunity

        The study done to assess the job performance of workers at First Capital Plus Limited. The evaluation system is likewise utilized as an instrument for witch-chasing and indicating subordinates where force lies. This practice can possibly convey great results for the organization. Attributable to the above, there is a need to lead experimental studies to evaluate the viability of performance appraisal systems.

Purpose of the Study        

        This study was conducted to figure out the existed performance appraisal methods at First Capital Plus Limited. In addition, the study aims to measure the effectiveness of the performance appraisal methods in First Capital Plus Limited to achieve the stated objectives.


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