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Financial Incentives as a Technique of Employee Performance Improvement

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Financial incentives implemented by the human resource managers of British American Tobacco are the focusing purposes of this dissertation. The analysis and research on the strategies carries significance for the researcher as this is a globally leading company originated in United Kingdom. Modern cases show that employees work ineffectively without motivation. So, learners get more opportunities to know about the subject in the contexts of leading companies. The writing serves the purposes of exploring the approaches and methods undertaken in human resource management. Some other objectives are like:

Identifying the current human resource management system of BAT

Revealing the methods and strategies of HR management through financial incentives

Determining the challenges and changes relating the subject

The first chapter shows the research background of aims, objectives, philosophies and rationales of the research.

The second chapter deals with the literature review of the financial incentives and motivational strategies. The key part of this chapter is that it describes the preview of the issue on the basis of research objectives.

Third chapter of the research explores the research design and methodologies of data collection.

Result analysis and discussion about the results are the focusing point of chapter four which how the collected data are processed and analyzed.

At the last, fifth chapter provides recommendations and further research scopes on the subject relating to financial incentives and employee motivation.


It was a great chance for me to do a dissertation on the human resource management of global company like British American Tobacco (BAT) by conducting research. It creates an opportunity for me to apply my knowledge about research. Several people helped me doing this dissertation paper. One major portion of the helping hands are the participants of the survey which plays an important role in this research. I cordially thank them for the help they provided.

At the very first, I must thank Mr……for giving the opportunity to research on this topic. Thanks goes to him because the helpings throughout the research time. Research work would be incomplete without his support. After doing a certain portion, I consulted with him about the research and got helped by him where and what need to correct and suggested about what to do next. I am so grateful to all the faculty members who also helped me during the research times.

Various direct and indirect supports came from many persons while conducting the research work. My family and friends gave me courage and inspired me to be patient while accomplishing my task. I cannot but thank them and so many other people around me who eased my ways on doing this research.


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