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The Impact of Employee Performance on Customer Satisfaction at Department Stores

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This research paper analyzes the impact of employees’ performance on customer satisfaction at organizations. The purpose of this research was to see how various factors enhanced the performance of the employees that can lead to enhancement in organizational performance by reaching its desired stated goals and objectives. Many researchers used different methodologies with the help of different hypotheses development gained from both primary and secondary source data. The methodology that is used to conduct this research based on both primary data and secondary data. The SPSS software is used to run cross tabs on stated variables to explain the impact of employee performance on customer satisfaction at organization in their own style of understanding that how employee performance, customer satisfaction and productivity are interrelated with each other in an organization. The result finding shows that all variables considered in the research are come up to significant values and these factors (such as training, feedback, organizational climate, role ambiguity and reward etc) can have greater impact on employee performance through which an organization can achieve its goals and objectives by reducing its cost if employees are trained before hiring them.



Overview of the topic under consideration:

The research conducted on topic “The impact of employee performance on customer satisfaction at department stores” provides better understanding that how employee satisfaction plays vital role in defining organizational success.

It is necessary to understand how they (employees) can be kept motivated and satisfied to achieve ordinary results, for that particular reason they should be provided with such work environment that encourages them to give quality to response to customer needs.

If employees are satisfied with their job it not automatically enhance the performance of them and their organization where they are working in but it also enhance the quality work that can also leads to customer satisfaction based on the employees and organization performance; and there are some factors that should be kept in mind in order to enhance the employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction has some connection with employee performance because employees are major part of the organization that kept organization going to achieve desired and sustainable organizational goals and objectives.

Background of the topic:

Many researchers worked on this topic to determine what is the cause or reason through which employee performance are affected; based on different methodologies that (include different formulas, procedure,


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