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Comparative Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Towards Supermarket and Grocery Stores

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Project Report on Comparative Analysis of Customer Satisfaction towards Supermarket and Grocery Stores

Submitted to:

S.S.M. Sadrul Huda

Assistant Professor

Department of Business Administration


I am highly thankful to those who made this report possible. First of all, gratitude goes to Almighty Allah for helping us stay dedicated towards creating this report.

I would also like to covey special thanks to my course instructor S.S.M. Sadrul Huda for giving me an opportunity to enhance our knowledge by working on his assigned report. Our respected instructor has provided us with valuable knowledge and understanding on the proposed topic and that is why I was able to proceed so far with my report. I would really like to express my gratitude to him for giving precious advice and time, which helped me immensely in preparing the report.

Secondly, I would like to acknowledge my industry expert Mr. Shahin Mohammed Shamiul Haque, Businessman on a reputed Grocery store, for his valuable time and effort to help me in this report. His experience has helped me to enhance our report to a good quality.

My warm gratitude also goes to our friends for their enthusiastic and encouragement and help during the preparation of the report for their valuable suggestions.

I would like to thank the respondents who gave their valuable time in filling up the survey papers which helped us reaching the required target of our study.

17 April 2018

East West University


Executive summary

This report was commissioned to examine the ratio and doing comparative analysis of customer satisfaction towards grocery store and Supermarket store.

The marketing literature has shown how certain attributes of the store are key for grocery retailers to differentiate themselves in the final markets. From this preliminary consideration the present work proposes a step forward by ascertaining the main factors that underlie the attributes of the store which have already been identified in the literature. All of this is taken into account with the object to examine which of these factors presents a greater influence on customer satisfaction. To test the proposed analysis, a sample of 358 Spanish customers


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