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Hrm 300 - Sustaining Employee Performance Paper

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Sustaining Employee Performance Paper

Angela Soto, Laurie Albanese, Tim Walsh


July 6, 2015

Gary Woodlin

Sustaining Employee Performance Paper

        Kudler Fine Foods is reviewing all the positions within the company in order to improve the performance management systems, evaluation of jobs, compensation plans and last but not least the benefit plan.  Each area of interest is discussed to reflect the outcome of the business and the expectation as an individual and an employee. They are currently focusing on two different positions, Management and Chefs/Bakers.  Management job function will be implemented between two different levels: the owner and the employees. Management will be held accountable to convey the expectations as well as new ideas that arise. Chefs/Bakers function will be to make the current company recipes, improve on outdated recipes and ensure all FDA standards are met.  

Performance management systems

                The performance management system utilized is amongst the owner (Kathy Kudler), management of each store and the employees of the stores. While staff remains small this allows for safe and sufficient performance to occur.  Kathy Kudler is able to convey her opinions, ideas and/or new concepts quickly as well as efficiently and effectively to obtain the performance expected for the stores.  With the organization being small and intimate expectation levels can be set in play with the highest level and with minimal rebuttal. Another benefit to a small performance management system is the ease of customer satisfaction being implemented. The performance management system will reflect from owner to management, management to employees to communicate quickly and efficiently for all changes that occur to be executed to the highest performance as expected. When poor performance is established communication will be executed to ensure the performance is improved within a satisfied timeline. By providing the support necessary when poor performance is displayed will result within a positive result. If the result is not deemed as positive then the next action of termination would need to be executed. The organization needs to ensure they exhaust all action steps that will prevent future legal actions that could arise.  

Job evaluation methods

Within every company there needs to be job evaluations to ensure proper compensation.  Job evaluation is the process where “jobs are compared to determine each job’s appropriate worth within the organization.” (DeCenzo, Robbins, & Verhulst, 2013)  This is a comparison and ranking of the jobs themselves, not the employees in the jobs.  There are three different evaluation methods; they are Ordering, Classification and Point.  The first job evaluation method that Kudler Fine Foods should use is the classification method.  For the classification method different classes are created by looking at the current jobs and finding the common factor in them such as skills, education and or responsibilities.  Management jobs and the Bakers positions maybe in different classes because of the different skills each job has.  The similar responsibilities may put them closer in ranking.  The most difficult part of this method is determining the classes; the second is determining where each job falls into these classes.  The second method that Kudler Find Foods should use is the point method.  This method may seem like it is the most involved.  First each job is looked at and all the skills, responsibilities, education and working conditions are identified.  Then they are assigned points based on the importance of each category to the job.  Compensation is then sorted by the points totals, the higher points are at the higher range of compensations.  Management jobs can have basic management skills, basic management degree needed but have a lot of responsibilities.  Each of those factors would be assigned a point.  Bakers would have some management skills, more education pertaining to cooking, and full responsibilities of the cooking areas.  Each of these factors would be assigned a point as well.  It is possible that some management positions would have a total close to those in the baker positions.  The advantages of this are that it makes all positions somewhat level across the compensation field.


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