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Team Performance Reflection Paper

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1) Introduction

Managing High Team Performance had taught us the many elements in forming and maintaining a team. This course involves team interaction to complete the team project. There are good and challenging times in the team. Through these experiences it allows us to be more aware of the negative as well as positive aspect of teamwork.

2) What Went Well

Our team went well in the beginning but met with some problems in between. In the end our team was what went well.

We are able to decide the composition of our team, choosing the right members. This being a business module choosing people with the appropriate analytical skill facilitates achieving desired results. Being familiar with few business students in the class, we formed a team together.

Our main mode of communication was through face to face meetings as it has the lowest complexity capacity. We began meeting to discuss the team contract, deciding roles and finding a real world team. Very quickly we found a real world team to work on. Ting Ting was the team informal leader as she was the boundary spanner having contacts with the real world team. After much discussion we also decided to be a self directing team. Everything went smoothly, we were at the forming stage with few disagreements occurred. In a homogenous team, we bonded and trusted each other very quickly. Being a team without a leader, the team contract serves as an effective tool to maintain consistency in the team.

The only situation in the beginning stages were social loafing due to evaluation apprehension. I feel that I made minimal contribution during the first few discussions due to fear of being judged. We succeed to counter social loafing by having rotating role of an agenda setter who is to set and take minutes of agenda each meeting. In addition, there were roles such as gatekeeper and devil's advocate taken up by Doris who made each member contribute to the discussion. Thus with clearly defined roles, division of task and recognition of individual contribution it help reduced social loafing in the team.

Our team did not go through the storming stage, there were few disagreement and they were all resolved quickly. This sped up the progress of our project. Meetings were held each week. When writing the project report, we did our research on the relevant topics and split the work accordingly. Our team had pooled task interdependence where each of us made separate and independent contributions to the team performance. Each member had adhered to the team contract as we did not want to break the trust we had with each other. Each part of the report was handed in on time and we could present the finish product earlier than the dateline.

3) What didn't went well

Honestly a few things


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