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Hrm 300 - Sustaining Employee Performance

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Sustaining Employee Performance Overview

HRM 300

Sustaining Employee Performance –Secure Solutions

        The goal of any company is to run as efficiently as possible while ensuring that their profits are as high as they can possibly be.  In order to achieve this it is important that you have the right employees working for you and the best way to accomplish that is to maintain proper evaluations of all employees, departments, and systems within the company to ensure that you are operating like a well-oiled machine.  The true measure of success is the evaluation of the entire team as a whole not an evaluation of the individual parts.  If sales are up but operations are down, it affects the customers and the employees and could potentially lead to disaster.  

Secure Solutions

According to "Secure Solutions" (n.d.), Secure Solutions secures people, property and assets by understanding and mitigating security risk”.  Within the company there are two departments that have various jobs within those departments.  The first is operations, this includes: Human Resources, Operations Management, Training Manager, Payroll Specialist, etc.  These jobs are referred to as support staff jobs that’s key responsibility is to maintain the operations of the company.  The second sets of jobs are the positions for the security officers, their supervisors, and the site managers.  These positions are key positions as they are typically the representation of the company to the clients.  These positions are also what gets billed to the client so it is the “money maker” of the company.

Performance Management Systems

Currently, Secure Solutions does not have a performance management system that is being utilized by the entire company to review and analyze the performance of all departments and the company as a whole.  The only system that is in place is known as Secure Tracker and this system is utilized to ensure that the officers that are employed to protect their respective buildings are completing building tours during their shifts.  It helps us to be able to generate a report for our client that shows compliance of the contract.  

The main function of a performance management system is to bring all departments within a company together and be able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a particular organization.  On the financial side of things this type of system could track sales growth of new clients as well as maintaining business with the current clients.  It would also see what areas that have reduced their costs.  By gathering this information we can offer an incentive to the departments that are able to reduce their costs to benefit the company.  In terms of the security officer workforce we can help to motivate them by offering incentives for continuing training that they do on their own time to better serve them and our clients.  This system would also help to keep the employees engaged in the inner workings of the organization and keep all business operations transparent to all employees.  Secure Solutions would absolutely benefit from having a performance management system that covers all areas of the company.  This system could monitor sales, cost reduction, and keep employees motivated by getting them engaged and having complete transparency.  


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