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Samsung: Making an Impact (performance Evaluation)

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Samsung: Making an Impact

Samsung: Making an Impact

Recently, the Samsung organization has released a new device that has caused a lot of buzz in the market. This new mobile device is the Samsung Galaxy v3. For years, Apple’s iPhone has dominated the mobile market. The iPhone is a device that has many unique features and very good quality. Samsung’s Galaxy phone is now being considered as the only real competition to the iPhone.

There are several ways in which Samsung could increase the revenue for the new Galaxy v3. The way a company could increase revenue for their products is by ensuring functional needs are met for their consumer base. If Samsung wants to be a top competitor in the mobile market, they “must meet at least minimum functional needs and provide higher levels of satisfaction and significance than the competitors ("Six Rules For Increasing Revenue And Profits", 2013).” Samsung must prove that their products have unique features that would allow them to stand out. The product must do exactly what it is expected to do, without many problems so that consumers are satisfied with the overall performance. If consumers are satisfied with the product’s performance and capabilities, the brand could build a strong reputation in the market. Apple has already been able to do this with their products, which has helped them to gain the reputation that they have. Any brand that stands out amongst the competition has a better chance of gaining more revenue. If Samsung is able to do this, the revenue will increase significantly.

Another factor that ties with functionality of the product is expectations. If the Samsung organization can satisfy customer wants better than anyone else and at a higher level of emotional needs satisfaction, it increases the chances of gaining controlling influence. “The company that can drive expectations among customers, distributors, and referral agents to the highest level has the greatest immediate ("Six Rules For Increasing Revenue And Profits", 2013).”

Considering these expectations, Samsung should also keep their performance measurements in mind. It is recommended that the organization considers how well performance aligns with different product expectations. It is far more productive to understand the company’s performance in terms of causal factors such as perceived satisfaction of needs, than in terms of final outcomes ("Six Rules For Increasing Revenue And Profits", 2013).” Increasing an organization’s revenue is not an overnight process. Initial outcomes may not be very important because it takes time to build that product image in the market. Increased revenue would come with time.

One of the most important factors that the organization must consider, when trying to increase revenue,


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