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Topshop Swot Analysis

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The SWOT analysis examines the organization’s external environment and also explores the internal environment (Lynch, R 1997). This requires listing and analyzing the main strength of business it weakness and the likely threats and opportunities it will be facing in the future (Doyle, P 1998). Most research on strategic formation has focused on by implementing strategies that exploit Arcadia group’s internal strengths, and avoiding internal weaknesses (Hofer & Schendel, 1987; Penrose, 1958; Stinchcombe, 1965), through responding to environmental opportunities, while neutralizing external threats (Porter; 1980, 1985). Wheelen and Hunger (1998) also believe that strategy formation begins with the situation analysis: the process of finding a strategic fit between external opportunities and internal strength while finding ways around the threats (external) and weaknesses (internal).

When arcadia groups launched Fashion Footprint in 2007, their objective was to monitor and manage the social and environmental impacts of their business. In 2011, their steering Group carried out a strategy review and SWOT analysis of Fashion Footprint to help define their plans for the next three years. Arcadia group SWOT analysis of Fashion Footprint confirmed that despite the strengths of their current programme, such as consistent improvements in key areas and the support of senior colleagues on our Steering Group. Topshop’s SWOT is:

a) Strengths

Topshop’s strength is to access to target market with over 300 stores nationwide, and they are doing online shopping and shipping to over 100 countries now. Topshop also has a wide variety of merchandise with thousands of looks per season, their look per season come along with creative design concepts and fresh idea every year. These strongly say that the trend awareness of Topshop is very high. Topshop is also said to be the largest fashion store in UK, offering free personal style consultants, competing with the high end department stores. They are in collaborations with designers and celebrities like Kate Moss and Cella Birtwell.

b) Weaknesses

The weaknesses of Topshop is that few of the garments quality not matching the price. There are too many


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