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Swot Analysis on Self

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I am able to take on responsibility.

I am extremely interested in foreign cultures.

I am fluent in English, Spanish and French.

I am highly tactful and diplomatic.

I am able to work under pressure.

I am highly motivated and persevering.

I am able to identify problems at their causes.


I feel to improve my time management skills.

I need to work on my computer skills.

I am not patient with slow-working colleagues.

I sometimes feel unsure about my working performance.

I am hopeless at doing tedious work.

I’d like to increase my ability of communicating efficiently.


With my proficient language skills I could imagine working in a foreign country.

I can be part of an international department.

I am absolutely willing to be flexible under multicultural circumstances.

I am keen on taking on big responsibilities.

With my knowledge of human nature I could imagine working with many people.


It can be quite a challenge to adapt and live in a new surrounding.

Technical and computer skills are a prerequisite for any company these days.

It can be tough to deal with the big responsibility.

To start off with, I am extremely enterprising about every job instruction that lies ahead of me. Furthermore, I do enjoy taking on high responsibility concerning managing tasks that I usually can handle, even though I might be under pressure. My fluency in English, Spanish and French certainly contributes in my exceedingly interest in not only foreign cultures, but also in dealing with international business partners. Moreover it seems my strengths lie in teamworking and interpersonal skills, since I have always enjoyed being around people and working in task forces.


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