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Swot Analysis on Ipoderac

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  • The nature and merits of the IPODERAC itself and its projects is universally observable and acceptable, which can makes the sale easier and the customer more receptive toward their conditions.
  • Strategic leadership
  • Dedicated and qualified director with professional training in agriculture and master in building personal relationship.
  • Adopting feasible and strategic policy about cheese production: “Adopt-A-Goat”; Quality Control and competitive pricing.
  • Strong financing capability and Self-sufficiency
  • Establishing a personal relationship with donors, which was more important than the nature of the project for corporate, foundation, or civic organizations, e.g., received a $25,000 donation and selected as a recipient of G.E. Mexico’s charitable donations through personal contact.
  • Won three times a 100,000 peso-award in Social Conversion Fund’s proposal competition holding by federal government.
  • Create a Sponsor-A-Child program to fund the living expenses of a specific child and have a personal relationship with him.
  • Concentrating on cheese production in order to make a more concerted and focused effort to generate and earned income.


  • Lack of staff capacity and managerial skills
  • It was very difficult to attract highly talented people due to the low salaries and rural setting.
  • The current organizational structure may not suitable for the future development.


  • in accordance with with the social and commercial trends.
  • The market for goat cheese in Mexico expanded when the country’s trade liberalization brought significant increases in imported goat cheese, which sparked demand.
  • Providing of animals and technical assistance to small farmers in order to help them improve their goatherds and generate a new source of income; in the meantime, solving the shortage of milk supply.


  • Depend primarily on donation in Money or in-kind donation is risky sometimes.( e.g. might be used for political purposes.)
  • Influenced by global economic crisis
  • The shortage of raw milk would restrict the production of cheese.
  • Threated by the potential competitors: possible entrance of very large dairy products processors such as Nestlé and Alpura; northern Mexico company called Normex producing 10,000 liters of goat milk daily, had contracted a French specialist in goat cheese processing.
  • Uncertainty about the strategic issue like expansion  and change in  organizational structure.


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