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Swot Analysis on Csr Activities in Tpc

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Problem Statement

How to plan a system for implementation of all the CSR activities in TPC that would maintain a balance between social activities and economic value addition to the shareholders?

External Analysis


Political • Land related issues

• Poor execution of the developmental programs • Land allotted by the government originally belonged to local communities. Implementation of CSR for the benefit of local population can help build trust and local support

• The failed execution of developmental programs created discontent among local economically backward population. CSR could bridge the gap

Economic • Low per capita consumption of energy population. • CSR could be directed to improve the quality of life of people and also encourage economic activities than would increase the consumption of power, thus resulting in growth of power business

Social • Lack of awareness among people about the necessity of growth

• Lack of trust among for local communities towards the corporate companies and their executives.

• Lack of markets available for local communities to sell their products. • CSR can be leveraged to strike a balance to meet the social needs of various communities

• CSR can also be used to build confidence and trust between the companies and the local population

• Activities could be targeted to create market and boost economic activities in the surrounding areas, that would indirectly benefit the companies interests

Environmental • Pollution concerns of setting up a power plant • TATA power produces 11.17 million tons of carbon dioxide. Steps should be taken to reduce the carbon footprint for the company to have sustainable operations

Internal Analysis

SWOT analysis for existing CSR activities-


 High reputation. Won the Civic Award for social development.

 Triple bottom line approach attained by TOC for CSR undertakings.

 4% of bottom line profit were disbursed on development and CSR activities.

 66% of TPC equity stake held by TATA Sons philanthropic trust

 Speedy decision making and implementation of activities

 Volunteering initiatives by employees towards CSR activities


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