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Swot Analysis of Durex

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‘DUREX’ is the abbreviation of Durability, Reliability and Excellence. It was started since 1915 in London, United Kingdom by London Rubber Company. As the years goes by until today, the brand has emerged as a market leader in condom industries and currently manufacturing 1 billion units of condoms per year in 17 factories around the world.

Durex has a strong financial background as it is managed by Reckitt Benckiser Group, the British Multinational Consumer Goods Company, which is a producer of health, hygiene and home products. Reckitt Benckiser Group is the world 3rd largest company in health care products and being a stable company, it has 36,000 employees worldwide with market capitalization of $44 billion. Furthermore, RB is guiding and expanding the brand with the resources to make Durex to a bigger condom brand in the world.

Durex condom is based on three characteristics of sex life which is pleasure, fun and comfort focused. Under all these elements, Durex provides different types of condom according to the flavour, design and colours. Hence, Durex is positioned as higher quality and innovative, and bring brand awareness to the consumers.

Durex has a strong distribution lines as consumers can buy Durex condom at variety of places like 7 eleven, Watson or Guardian, pharmacies, convenience stores, supermarket as well. Strong distribution is a key to succeed.


Revenue of Durex is only rely on condoms business, there is alternative ways like oral contraception may affect their business. Ethical issue is exist as Durex company can only advertise their brand but not the product itself as there is restriction from government, as in the advertisement is restrict from sex image or make mention of contraception. Bold advertising will cause controversy. Competitors like Crown, Okamoto, etc. will affect Durex’s business and they can provide a similar product in the markets. Relatively Durex sells condom in higher price compare with other competitors will make consumers choose another brand as what they need is a condom but not the brand.


People nowadays are getting more educated in protecting themselves with the use of condom and other contraception methods. The society is changing from a conservative to liberal mind-set, this can be seen in the various sex talk in hospital or events like prevent from AIDS. Durex can take the opportunity to promote their products in the occasion like clinic, hospital. They can also take the opportunity in industrial business like hotel. New launching product gives opportunity to Durex establish a new market in business.


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