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Swot Analysis of China Shoto

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SWOT Analysis


1. Strong support from tech. R&D

China Shoto was awarded 161 patents by China Patent Bureau. Among them, we have 19 invention patents. Behind these achievements, China Shoto had been supported by the Science and Technique Development Acdemy, Post-doctoral Workstation and its cooperation with over ten famous Chinese universities.

2. Strong and stable demand since diversified risk

The main customers of China Shoto are companies in the following industries: telecommunication, railways, electric power, UPS, wind and solar alternative energy storage. The variety of customers offer a well-diversified risk.

3. A flat organization

China Shoto has established flat and highly effective corporate structure.The production base is conveniently located at Taizhou City of Jiangsu province, geographically, it lies in the golden economic development zone of China --- Yangtse Delta; The R&D center (Nanjing Shoto Academy) and headquarter situate in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province; whilst, our market management and customer service are strategically set up in Beijing, the capital of P. R. China.

4. The largest back up battery manufacturer in China

The Group remained the largest single supplier of batteries to China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom (China's three major telecom operators)


1. Focus on China market

As described before, the sales in China market occupy 95% of total revenue. Also, China Shoto has 89 Chinese sales companies while only 5 overseas slaes offices, which are located in India – Delhi, Southeast Asia – Singapore, Europe & USA – Frankfort, Middle East – Dubai, and Russia – Moscow.

2. Sustainability of technology evolution

The key success factor of China Shoto is the intelligent resources. The major job of those research and development officers are also to create new


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