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Swot Analysis for Amg

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  • What company is AMG?

AMG is one of the largest mews media groups in the Netherlands. It is owned by the NPM capital NV that recently started a full auction process and contacted large amount of parties potentially interested in acquiring AMG. AMG’s core activity consists of creating and marketing content. The heart of the company consists of brands like the Amsterdam newspaper, Amsterdam and beyond, subway, etc. and a couple of strong regional dailies like Oud West dagblad and etc. AMG’s challenge is to serve the costumer with news and entertainment at any time a day via all available forms of media. Due to the thorough collaboration between these brands, AMG offers advertisers an attractive cross-media reach. By reaching costumers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at the right time and place and in the form selected by the costumer at that point the AMG group tries to gather costumer loyalty and this way create value for advertisers and at the end for it’s shareholders.

The following table contains a Swot analysis for AMG


  • Sky radio, Telegraaf and Keesing media group have leading position in the market
  • High profitability and revenue


  • Investments in research and
  • Development
  • Cost structure
  • Brand portfolio
  • Competitive market
  • Small business units
  • High loan rates are possible


  • Global markets
  • Venture capital
  • Growing economy
  • New markets
  • New products and services
  • Growth rates and profitability


-Tax changes

  • Why should it be acquired by EQT?

AMG is located in the Netherlands. Has a consistent cash flow. It’s leverage ratio is

  • In what aspect does AMG improve after the acquisition?


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