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Swot Analysis: Making Share House in Korea

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Executive Summary                                                                

There are various residential types like apartment, boarding house and dormitory in this world. In these houses, by taking a break or sleeping we can be relieved from stresses we got outside. House is not just a simple building but is kind of space that we are cured. But there are some problems that prevent us from enough rest. They are danger of living alone (safety), uncomfortable atmosphere (involve noise problem), conflict with house-owner and curfews and strict rules in dormitory. In order to solve these problems, we chose lock system and security guard, better house quality, no owner to interfere and not strict rules. By implementing these solutions, we designed distinct business model named “JJ Sharehouse”.

First, we offer special 50% discounts for one-month trial period. We made this one-month trial system for filtering not suitable people. After living with roommates for a month in advance, people can choose to live with him/she or not. In this period, people will get 50% discount so people can reduce their financial burden and feel more likely to try. Second, we deploy house-helpers to help residents with cooking, cleaning and laundry. People do not need to spend their valuable time for doing household chores. House keeper will give people more break time. Third, we guarantee people’s safety. Safety issues are main concern for everyone in these days. We will keep our customers in safety by locking on every single door of the house to prevent any unfortunate incident. Also we put security cameras outside the house to monitor strangers. Lastly, we provide 3 types of housing to satisfy people’s desire. They are male-female mixed house, male-only house and female-only house. This is because someone would prefer to stay with the opposites but others might be more comfortable with the same gender. These big 4 features are our distinguishing characteristics compared to other residential types. People living in the JJ Sharehouse,can enjoy new life style that you have never experienced . You don’t need to distract from your rest. Our security system will guarantee your safety and “house helper” will give you more time to rest. Also, if you want to hang out with someone, you can meet various people in this area. There are regular parties and small groups you can participate in.

We are sure that if you live in here just for a week, you can realize the difference of JJ Share house with other apartments or share houses, and you are never going to leave.

SWOT Analysis                                                                    



  • House keeper
  • One-month trial
  • New connection
  • Small rent fee
  • Safety and security
  • Arranging meetings
  • Location
  • Low profit from the beginning
  • Hierarchy
  • Conflict between clients
  • Security



  • Not competitive yet
  • People`s interest
  • Increased population of living alone
  • People not happy with competitors
  • Completely different market – different traits
  • Easy to be copied
  • House price fluctuate a lot
  • Not familiar with people

This table shows strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of JJ share house. As shown, we have many strengths in providing special services and low rent fee. It is attractive proposal for customers. Also we have weaknesses in finance and location. This is because it is hard to find a proper building for share house. At the beginning of business, we need to invest a large amount of capital as home appliances and our own systems. We cannot earn much money because we provide 50% discount for one month. The opportunities for our business are that there are many people who are not satisfied with their residential types, and increase of people living alone. Our services is solely designed to meet those people’s demand, so it can be a paradigm for residents. The threats are that our business model is easy to copy. It means other share houses can imitate our system easily. Also, the concept of share house is not familiar with people yet.


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