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Swot Analysis Fodd Delivery

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Then we are going to move to the swot analysis that will contain two part which are the internal environment and the external environment of Gastland catherine.


For the strenghts The biggest among companies delivery is customer loyalty, so here for Gastland we can identify the production of a high qualified and valuable product, promotions that the company offer to their customers (between 10-20%), there is also the supply chain of the company, they use one of the best brand in their kitchen, fresh raw materials and what they make their supply chain a big strenght is that they have their own supplier wholesale network it is a good strategy to minimise charges. In addition they are using most modern technologies and their image in the mind of consumers is fresh with a customer friend sales platforms.


Every delivery company has its own set of weaknesses, we took them into consideration. First of all Gastland doesn't have a department of IT and research and development and without a proper R&D on the internal and external services you cannot take a delivery company to the next level. Similarly the staff also doesn't have a good experience. Furthermore the brand is unknown, knowing that the marketing costs at start was huge. Another area, where smartphones application is very important criteria of the services granted that Gastland doesn't have one, then this will be a huge weaknesses. Last but not the least, the company work only from july to august that mean that 1/3 of production capacity is contracted.


The oppurtunities that we will present


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