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Swot Analysis Case

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SWOT analysis:


1. Unique addition to the current product

2. High quality product


1. High price of production

2. Customer services staff need training

3. Factory workers need training


1. Refrigerator market is on the rise

2. Customers response to new idea

3. Potential for future expansion of business into other areas


1. Many experience competitors in this market.

2. Increasing costs of labor, materials and operations

3. Potential for some other strong competitors in the future.


The strength of our company is that we will provide unique addition to the refrigeration market which will have the benefit of appealing to a consumer base looking for refrigerators featuring extra conveniences. Our product will also be made from a high quality material to ensure the satisfaction of customers and to increase the life span of the product.


Since we are planning to make high quality product, the cost of production is going to increase substantially which is going to be our main weakness. The other weakness for our company is that workers and staffs will need training in their area of work which will leads to an additional cost and time.


The refrigerator market is on the rise which gives


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