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Structureall Swot Analysis Case Study

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SWOT Analysis

There are many up and coming organizations who desire to be successful businesses. But, of course, a successful business must start with a strong business plan that can identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These four concepts are crucial to a organizations success, it can essentially let you know if it is worth going through the process of starting a business. StructureAll Ltd. is an example of a business with a strong business plan, it will be formed as a consulting firm specializing in structural engineering services (StructureAll Ltd. 2010). This engineering firm specializes in providing their clients with three dimensional models, top notch art analysis, and design tools. Their business plan proves effective, implementing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Structure All's strengths consist of many aspects and unique attributes to the profession of engineering consulting. "The founder of the firm is a professional engineer with eighteen years of professional engineer and responsible experience" (StructureAll Ltd. 2010, P. 1). Their business model is solid and targets customers in a specific region. StructureAll's clients are located in North Canada and they provide consulting for all types of buildings. They provide quality services on time and on budget (StructureAll Ltd. 2010) with the help of their follow up strategy and control assurance policy that tracks performance with all clients and ensures customer satisfaction and quality work. They implement top of the line art analysis and design capabilities which is lacking in their competitors. "They use three dimensional visualization services to reduce the possibility of spatial conflicts with architectural elements and other engineering disciplines." (StructureAll Ltd. 2010, p.3). The organization keeps their customers happy by having an integrated database management system, unlike its competitors, that tracks all project information, along with that they utilize business systems and programs that are up to date, like AutoCAD 2000. The organization got its funds from one investor, the founder Philip Nolan, who was responsible for ."the initial investments toward startup costs" (StructureAll Ltd. 2010, p.1), because of him they provided sufficient capital in reserve to sell their service for six months to a year. More than half of the initial investment of twenty five thousand went towards startup costs, leaving twelve thousand for the total capital after all the startup expenses which is plenty to last for half of year to a year. All of these strengths that this organization possesses makes for a great piece of its business plan.

StructureAll has many opportunities for improvement and advances in the industry that it is in. The market is reasonable, their main clients are established architectural and engineering firms but they


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