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Smoke No More - Swot Analysis of Competitors

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SWOT Analysis of Competitors

The purpose of this section is to make you aware of the competitions strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats that are internal and external.

Smoke No More

Strengths Weaknesses

Good quality product High cost of capital

Environmental standard Achievement Technological advancement would decrease the workforce unemployment will increase

Beneficial to the community Needs to cover a large distribution channel

Technologically advance machinery and equipment

Focus on Health and safety on the company premises

Opportunities Threats

The number of smoker continue to increase Intense Competition

Potential Market Decline in tobacco growth

Export to potential counties

It doesn’t need more advertisement because people are already aware from smoking Increase in taxation by government

Increase pressure from antismoking agencies and groups

Increase in imports of smuggled brands with lower prices

Super Cigarette

Strength/Opportunities Weakness/ Threats

Most similar to a tobacco cigarette in size and feel It needs to replaced or refilled more often due to size

Good battery life

Nice vapors

The Mini Cigarette

Strength Weakness

A little longer but same basic diameter Has an odd shape and feel

Decent vapor and battery life Seems like a small cigar than a conventional cigarette

Super Mini

Strength Weakness

Compact and easy to carry and use The cartridge, batteries, and atomizer are small and easy to loose and dangerous

Which also results in a weaker vapor and shorter battery life

Disposable E-Cigarettes

Strength Weakness

Convenient Expensive

Great travel Atomizer clog easily

No assembly, no recharge



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