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Samsung Swot Analysis

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Without question, there are several opportunities facing the Samsung Mobile Company. With the exponential growth of technological and telecommunications, this company is in a perfect position to make great profits in the future. The massive consumer appeal of wireless cellular products creates an extremely large market for this firm to access. Additionally, the inelastic demand for cellular phones and technological systems ensures the continuance of this market. Virtually every person and company relies on technology in their everyday lives. Without the products and systems that the Samsung Mobile Company produces, many of these individuals and organizations would not be able to function profitably.

Though even with their great line of products and the large market for technology, the Samsung Mobile Company also faces some serious threats in their business. There is a large amount of dangerous competition in the technology and telecommunications markets. Extremely large and very profitable companies like Apple, Blackberry and even Google operate in these markets. These firms have proven themselves to customers and have become the leaders of the technological world. Therefore, it will be very difficult for the Samsung Mobile Company to compete profitably with these firms and their abilities to innovate. These firms are best recognized for this kind of innovative work, whereas Samsung is best known for its production of critical hardware. So even in this threatening area, there may be a chance to securing some contractual work for competitors.

The main strengths of the Samsung Mobile Company are its ability to produce quality products and minimize expenses. Other companies usually have to create their products from the parts made by several other companies. On the other hand, the Samsung Mobile Company is able to build many of its technological products using all of its own parts and resources. This gives Samsung a strong advantage over its competitors.


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