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Overview and Market Research for Today Travel

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Unit II: Marketing Plan

Tran Thi Minh Loan

Columbia Southern University

Marketing Plan: Travel Today

Part I: Company Overview & Market Research

1. Overview of Travel Today

Travel Today is one of the State own enterprise under the sponsorship of Ministry of Transportation operating in the tourism industry in Vietnam. It has been famed as one of the leading tourism companies in Vietnam since its establishment in 1990  (“Vietravel: Foundation”, n.d.). The company’s 2015 vision aims at becoming one of the ten leading tourism companies in the South-east Asian region, and its  2020 vision, Travel Today wishes to become one of the ten leading tourism companies in the Asian region (“Vietravel: Open Letter”, n.d.).  Travel Today committes and makes its best efforts to become the best and most friendly fellow-traeller to realize its mission of bringing customers’ excellent sentiment by each time of travel with Travel Today (“Vietravel: Open Letter”, n.d.). In addition, Travel Today presents its core business value to all stakeholders with the thoughs that customers are the centric point of all Travel Today’s services and valueable contribution to the company’s brand name building; and its professional and quality services will be Travel Today’s special differentiation against other rivals in the tourism industry (“Vietravel: Open Letter”, n.d.).  

 At the company’s start-up period, its product offers were limited with in-bound tours and some out-bound tours to the South-east region but not China, America because of some political issues that Vietnam has not really normalized its relationship, or European countries as they are still too far to Vietnam (“Viettravel: Product and Service System”, n.d.). However, thanks to Vietnam’s entry to the World Trade Organization in 2007, the company has continued to diversify its products to have both in-bound and outboud tours to different countries in the world for both group and individual customers. In addition, some other products of corporating meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) travel or Free and Easy (F&E) travel have also been introduced (“Viettravel: Product and Service System”, n.d.). Then,  the company has also offered customized its tourism services to meet specific requirements from customers. Besides those, some other tourism supporting services such as air-ticket booking agency for some airlines, hotel booking, car rental, tourism guiders and consultation of the import-export procedures, Asian express for both local and international organizations/individuals (“Viettravel: Product and Service System”, n.d.). Being a State own enterprise, another special services of the company’s tourism vocational and professional training, and labor export have been offered by Travel Today  since 2010 (“Viettravel: Product and Service System”, n.d.).


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