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Nokia Market Research

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Nokia, a Finnish icon was the world’s leading mobile phone maker. Established in 1865, its principal products are mobile phones and portable IT devices. Ever since the revolution of fast changing trend of smartphones, Nokia has since lagged behind. Nokia, being in the declining stage, has to relook and understand their target market more closely.

The research issues identified were Nokia’s declining sales, the change in consumers’ preferences and trend, the perception and positioning of Nokia in the mind of consumers and are Nokia mobile phone still in demand? The management decision problem is “How can Nokia arrest the market share and change its’ lost perception as a leader in innovation?”

The objectives for the research issues are to understand the followings:

• Changes in target market group demographics: what are the target market demographics? (e.g. gender, age, income, etc)

• Shifts in product preferences: what do consumers look out for when purchasing a mobile phone and what they want out of Nokia’s mobile phone which could meet their needs and expectations?

• Brand perception: how consumers perceive, feel or think about Nokia as a brand, the range of mobile phones and how is Nokia faring against other major mobile phone brands?

• Product awareness: do consumers take notice of Nokia’s new mobile phone launch? Do they recall seeing advertisements of Nokia’s mobile phone (print ads, television ads, etc)?

• Redesign of mobile phone: what improvement can be made or incorporated to enhance Nokia mobile phone features and give consumers what they want?

Methodology (10%)

Target Population and Sample Size

The target population of the market research


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