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Marketing Research Report: Cadbury Chocolate

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1.0 Executive Summary

Cadburys, a world leader of confectionary ever since 1824 and are well known for a strong brand and is a market leader in chocolate. Cadburys has three kinds of confectionary, gum, candy and more famously chocolate. Everyday millions of people enjoy the Cadburys brand.

The report explains about the company that includes its objectives and mission, followed by a description of its products and services going into a comparison with its competitors. In addition, a summary of the market analysis, followed by the market strategies and implementation.

1.1 Objectives

Cadbury have several objectives. One of them is to maintain and prosper their business in order to survive in the business world. Reaching profit maximization which is often taken to be the reason why firms exists and to be the primary objectives in practices most firms have a hierarchy of objectives when a firms survival is threaten it may profit maximise in order to restore its financial health. They also seek to grow by selling new products or expanding overseas. A diversification by spreading of business risks by reducing dependence on one product, maximizing sales by increasing its sales, also they look into improving the product image which includes creating a new logo or launching a new brand of product and creating more attractive packaging ( 2011).

They also seek to promote ethical business practices, respecting the environment and the communities where they operate, assuring equal employment opportunities, value diversification in the workplace, providing healthy and safe working environment at all times, as well as respecting the human rights and trade ethically (Academic DB 2007).

Their objective is to grow the market for chocolate confectionery. In addition, they also want to increase Cadbury’s share in the snacking sector (Scribd


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