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Market Research Report for Superdry Clothing

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Market Research Report for Superdry Clothing

Table of Contents

Executive Summary        




Demographic Profile of the Respondents        

Relationships between demographics and Favourite Clothing Brand        

Factor Analysis        

Reliability Analysis        



Behavioural Intention        

Effect of Behavioural Intention on demographics        

Prediction of Behavioural Intention        




Executive Summary

This research would help identify the segmentation of the target group of the consumers of new product, identifying the target consumers’ behaviour and consumption habits. The research would also identify the key emotions, behaviours and beliefs of the target consumer and discover what effects demographic attributes would have on consumers’ choice. Further, survey would explore predictability of emotional and psychographic variables and the respective impact on behavioural intention. A quantitative survey using a random sample was chosen as the option to discover patterns and generalise results from a sample of the population as a deductive process

The research evaluated the potential of recycled material based clothing and Superdry company popularity as a brand using 321 respondents from the survey as a basis.

Introduction & Background

Clothing Brand Superdry produces a variety of clothing goods and is well known for its famous Superdry Jackets. The organisation is evaluating an option to change the base raw material of its famous Superdry jackets and are searching for alternative material like recycled packaging materials. In order to help answer this problem a research study was conducted by mailing questionnaire to members of online panel.

 The research aims to identify extension of their product range by identifying the demographic and psychographic profiles of its existing customers and through that, identifying a suitable alternative to Superdry’s product range. This research would help the marketing manager of the firm Superdry in developing new product line.

Zikmund and Babin (2010) explain the importance of exploratory research in new product development. This type of research is undertaken to clarify and/or to discover new ideas. This type of research is usually followed by more in depth research to provide conclusive evidence. Successful companies constantly strive to add value to their product portfolios to maximise returns from their investments.


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