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Frooti Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis

Frooti over years has been the market leader in the mango fruit juice segment. Over years it hardly had any significant competition in this segment. Also due to growing health conscious among Indian customers, there has been a significant fall in aerated drinks market and the market share of fruit drinks had increased dramatically over the last few years. Companies like Pepsi and Coke Cola introduced products like Slice and Maaza to compete in this market. Seeing this opportunity Frooti also repositioned itself in the market from a children’s drink to a refreshment drink. With respect to these factors, let us analyze the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat of the product.


Parle has an excellent distribution network. It has good penetration into the rural as well as urban market.

Frooti as a brand has always been innovative and quick to respond to the market. For example, it was the first mango drink in India. It was also the first to introduce a tetra pack and a pet bottle in Non-Carbonated Soft Drink (NCSD) market. An example when Frooti quickly responded to the market was when it introduced the 65ml packaging to cater different market segments.

 Frooti is available in wide variety of quantity basket like 65ml, 200ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1litre. Due to this large range, frooti has a pack to offer for each situation and to every customer based on his need.


Frooti is that it isn’t perceived as a health drink in spite of being Vitamin A rich. It is perceived as a drink for kids. However off late, as mentioned above, frooti has being trying to reposition itself as a refreshing drink.

Frooti has for years been synonymous to mango fruit juice. And Parle has been very smart with this strategy. Instead of introducing new flavors in Frooti, Parle came up with Appy Fizz to introduce an Apple and later a Grape fruit Juice. Parle understands very well that introducing a new flavor under Frooti will affect its dominance in Mango Fruit Juice market. Hence the scope of Brand extension has been restricted by Parle but the same has not been left untapped as well.


There is a rise in health consciousness among people. Carbonated drinks are not looked at upon with much enthusiasm after repeated controversies in which carbonated drinks have been into like the pesticide etc. There is a vacancy created in the soft drinks market which has given fruit juice markets to expand.

Fruit drink market is set to grow with increased demand of packed products and changing Indian society into an urban one.

Frooti has tried to reposition itself in recent years as a refreshment drink but then there is a good opportunity for it to also project itself as a health drink. Frooti should grab up this opportunity.


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