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Footlocker Inc Swot Analysis

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                   Company Profile

                   FOOTLOCKER INC


                                Footlocker SWOT Analysis

                                         Jason Mobley


                                      January 19,2015

                                   University of Phoenix


Table of contents


                Table of Contents

Company Overview……………3

Key Facts……………………….3

SWOT Analysis………………...4


Company Overview

Company Overview

Originally Purchased in 1963 the F.W Woolworth Company purchased the Kinney Shoe Corporation they started out as just shoes and then later branched out into specialty shoe stores. Footlocker came out in 1974 (Footlocker inc) just Footlocker is one of the leading retailers of athletically inspired shoes and apparel (footlocker inc) They operate stores in 23 countries and have over 3,473 retail stores (footlocker inc). They operate their business in two different ways athletic stores and direct to customers, what this means is they sell through catalog and the Internet. ( Under the footlocker name there are several other brands These stores include Ladies Footlocker, Kids Footlocker, and Foot action, Champs, Six:02, House of Hoops, Runners Point and Side Step and East Bay (Footlocker Inc) This company is continually growing their brand and expanding out into other aspects of the industry besides footwear.


Key Facts

Head Office

Footlocker Inc

112 West 34th Street

New York, New York 10120


(212) 720-3700


(212) 720-4223

Web Address

Revenue/Turn Over USD (Mn)

$6.5 Billion

Financial Year End

February 1



New York Stock Exchange Ticker



SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Footlockers as well as all of the brands that are under the Footlocker name have dominated the athletic apparel industry, and they continue to do so by branching out into different aspects of the athletic industry, they started out with shoes and have grown and continue to grow into a full athletic apparel business. This allows them to have a competitive edge over their competitors and allows them to bring in more revenue because they are so diversified.


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