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Ebitda Swot Analysis

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1 weakness: delivery/ return/ do not have enough financial support/ a more and more lower operation gearing ratio.

 Strengths: have an increased trend of revenue, clicks, sales orders, and customers, and facebook likes/ per customer orders and purchase –a loyalty customer group/confidence about future budget

2 var cost increase, like mat, price do not follow it, hence contribution decrease/ Depreciation and head office costs too much!

3 ?

4 Assume a discount can make them breakeven, should discount.

   But if can not, they should not, because the contribution is too low. It would make them loss more

5 should not-1.calculate the cash flow without depreciation and head office costs, they have enough cash to survive

                 2.the EBITDA without head office costs is positive, means substantially they can make profit

                 3. EBITDA is negative, first because the depreciation. Even close the company, the depreciation still exists, the group can not rid it

                 4.they have a positive trend of revenue, clicks, sales orders, and customers and facebook likes

                 5. a loyalty customer group

6 return- reinforce their quality

   On time – buy the Inventory Man System

   Click conversion rate – do not save money on marketing

   Price- if a discount can not breakeven, mark up it.

7 they can-1 instead of allocating head office costs by revenue percentage, use ABC costing

8 ?




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