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Covington Swot Analysis

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Covington Associates SWOT Analysis                           


  • Senior-level attention: Covington provides clients with direct senior-level attention throughout all phases of the transaction process.
  • Commitment to clients: Covington adopts a high touch approach to banking and builds a deep sense of partnership with clients.
  • Industry adeptness: Senior team brings extensive industry expertise, pervasive relationships and significant deal experience, which helps them more effectively identify potential buyers and market companies for sale. Along with collaborative efforts, Covington is also able to provide customized strategies for each client.
  • Recognizes attributes of business integrity: Covington perceives future return and, at the same time, understands and values each client’s unique culture and mission.
  • Good reputation: Established good reputation could invite more new as well as repeat clients.


  • Lack of full services: Covington does not provide certain investment banking services, such as minority and majority recapitalizations or restructurings, which limits their client base and competitiveness. 
  • Small staff: The firm is vulnerable to vital staff being sick or leaving.
  • Little market presence: The firm is sensitive to competitions with well-established competitors and to any other factors that may negatively affect the firm or the entire industry.


  • Expansion: Possible addition of services and expansion geographically could increase customer base and profits.
  • Promising economic environment: Economy’s current early-stage and possibly sustainable recovery promotes M&A activities due to management confidence and favorable capital market conditions.
  • Tax cut: The new U.S. President Donald Trump is looking to decrease the corporate income tax rate. If this new policy were to be actually implemented, then it could be a cost reduction benefit to the firm.


  • Competition: There are a lot of strong existing and upcoming competitors in the boutique and middle-market investment banking sectors.
  • Technological advancements: Developments in technology might alter this market to an extent beyond the firm’s ability to adapt.


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