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Cb Project

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Presented by:

Brayden Bailey

Chris Boatman

Dan Fredrick

Chelsie Shay

Kyara Snoddy

Table of Contents


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Category Analysis

Pg. 3-4

Target Audience

Pg. 4-5

Market Needs

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SWOT Analysis

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Competitive Analysis

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Marketing Mix Review

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Marketing Ideas/Tips

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1907 is an eclectic retail boutique that is located in the up and coming Rose District in Broken Arrow.  The store is owned by brother/sister duo Nate and Brie Caywood.  1907 was opened by the siblings in August of 2013.  The idea behind 1907 was to really celebrate Oklahoma businesses and Oklahoma made products.  They have such a love and passion for where they come from, and they decided to share this with other Oklahomans by opening the store.  

1907 carries items that are “uniquely Oklahoma”.  The store carries apparel, jewelry, candles, home décor, specialty food items, and soaps that are made by Nate and Brie Caywood.  90% of the products that they offer are made in Oklahoma by approximately 30 different vendors.  Nate and Brie believe that one of the best ways to honor the state and help our local economy is to support locals, and they have made sure that there is the proper outlet to do so by shopping 1907-your friendly, local, made-in-Oklahoma store.

Categorical Analysis

1907 is a small boutique store, focusing on making Oklahomans proud of being from Oklahoma in the same manner that Texans are proud of being from Texas. They fall into “Retail/Department/Specialty” when considering Net Promoter Score. Inside of that category, they aim to be a variety store (or a “Five and Dime,” as some might call it). They sell a range of goods that include tee shirts, soaps, salsa and jewelry.

        As a business, 1907 differentiates themselves from other variety stores by focusing particularly on goods made in Oklahoma. They are currently in the process of setting up a printer so that they can print their own shirts, which will also differentiate them from competitor businesses. They also do this by making their own soaps and bath bombs.


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