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Business Communication

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We are all aware that communication will always be the key to success.  If a person does not understand what is it that they were told to do then it is impossible for them to perform their task affectively.  Working in health care, I have seen all three communication error happened.  The one that seems to happen frequently is the Assumption Observation Error.  This seems to be an ongoing problem throughout the years I have worked with in a health care facility.  I have to say that it can also become a very dangerous and risky situation as well.  

I worked more doing administrative work and have heard of many communication errors happening with the Certified Nurse Aides.  For example, there was a new CNA who started working in our department.  Every morning each CNA were assigned to an assignment weekly.  The Assistant Director of Nursing in our department gave the new young lady an assignment to complete which was the refrigerator daily log for the week.  Rather than explain to the young lady that all medications should be stored between *2 to +8 degrees according to the guideline and how to record it on the refrigerator log, the assumption observation error when the  ADN assumed the new CNA already knew and the ADN failed to observe whether she did it correctly or not.  The good thing is that another CNA did check when she came in that weekend and reported it to the ADN.  The ADN took all the responsibility for the error but just had someone trained the new worker on daily controls.  Even though it cost thousands of dollars to replace all vaccinations, medications and refrigerator, the good thing is that none of the patients were harmed due to this error.  

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