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Homework Task 11

  1. To manage this situation better Salim Ahmed could come to Elsie and say that breastfeeding is not allowed in their coffee shop due to the code of rules, which he could show to her. Instead of screaming at her, Salim could offer her a special room where she would be able to feed her child without disturbing comfort of other people. Salim Ahmed should understand that intercultural communication is extremely important in his business and he needs to follow these recommendations: first of all, he should show his respect to people of other nations, and at the same time understand cultural differences without negative statements towards them, because what is perceived as a normal in one culture may be perceived absolutely different in another; secondly, he should implement cultural pluralism in his business and forget about ethnocentrism, prejudice and stereotyping.
  2. The most effective as a breastfeeding promotional poster would be poster number 2, because it is easier to read the text, the picture is direct and the statement is strong and it may influence other women’s minds. The least effective poster is number 1, because this promotion is not reliable and there are thousands of babies, whose mothers use breastfeeding, but all they cannot become ministers.
  3. Putting posters all over the coffee shop windows would not be an effective way to communicate Elsie’s message to Magic Aroma and public, because first of all, you cannot put whatever you want on someone else’s property, it is illegal. Secondly, even if she puts her posters, they will not hang there for a long time. Thirdly, there are no direct relationships between the coffee shop and breastfeeding, so it will be quite difficult for general public to understand what these posters mean and why they are hanging there.
  4. The main advantage of a public protest outside the coffee shops is that they will definitely attract public’s attention and may even attract media, such as TV, radio, internet and this issue will have a publicity among people. Moreover, the protest may influence some people, especially moms and it may become bigger and other moms will also fight for their right to breastfeed their child in a public place. The main disadvantage of a protest is that it has to be legal and you need to have a legal permission for it, otherwise Elsie may have troubles with the law. Before making a protest Elsie should try other ways to communicate her message, because this is the last method, which she may use, because it may have very serious consequences for both of the sides of the conflict.
  5. First of all, the “Breast is Best” network should use all the modern technologies in their communication, they can communicate by the phone or use Internet – skype, free messages and special blogs where they can share some ideas and plans. The network may create their own webpage and supportive groups on social networks, where they will post information about their group, benefits of breastfeeding and answer questions, which their readers may have. Secondly, Elsie as an organizer of this group should be more organized in establishing their goals and plans, so she may prepare monthly plans for all 35 chapters and interact with them if they will have some problems. Thirdly, chapters meet only once a month and this is not enough, so they should make their meetings more often and regular. Fourthly, they should promote their organization, so that more women would be able to follow them, for example, they can distribute their leaflets in the hospital. Fifthly, they can organize different events, where they will interact with women and present their network, they may invite their readers, when they will have enough of them. For example, the organization may invite a famous woman, so that she would represent them and make an event, invite some interested media and as a result gain sponsorship.

  1. Dear Mr. Salim Ahmed and Mr. Abdul Ahmed

My name is Tom Simons and I am the government Minister for Small Business. We appreciate your contribution to the development of small business in Ottawa and we know how much effort you put in your business to reach a success.

It is important for us to control companies’ policies and make sure that they do not have any violations. Two days ago we received a letter from Elsie Hickey, where she wrote about the situtation, in which she was involved on July 22nd in your coffee shop. According to the law, it is not illegal to breastfeed in public and women in our country have a right to breastfeed their kids in any place where they would like to. I understand that in the Middle East breastfeeding in public would be considered as disrespectful, but in Canada it is a normal situation and your behaviour was absolutely inappropriate. Following on this, the company’s policy needs to be changed and you should take into consideration differences in our cultures and accept them.


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