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DATE: November 5, 2012

TO: All FirstWest Staff Members

FROM: Steven Adams and Kyle McGruber, Human Resources

RE: Implementing an Office Microwave-Use Policy

Recently, there have been a number of complaints regarding the foul odor of certain foods heated up in the microwave during lunch breaks. These odors have distracted some of our employees and inversely affected their overall job performance, which is something that is of great concern to us. Reducing these foul odors will enable employees to work more comfortably and productively, thus providing a more accommodating workplace for all employees. After careful deliberation, I have decided that it would be in the best interest to implement an office microwave-use policy.

The company is providing some items that will help with the smell of food, but the main solutions will be placed in your hands. This policy will take some cooperation and awareness on your part to be effective, but with all employees respecting each other’s preferences, culture, and requests, it should make for a better work environment. From now on, when using the microwave and eating your meals, please keep the following in mind:

• Please light the candles in the room

• Please turn on the fan

• Please open a window

• Please make a conscious effort to avoid bringing foods that have smells that others find unappealing

• If you absolutely must bring food with a ‘foul odor’, please limit it to once a week

These are rather simple solutions, but if everyone can make a conscious effort to follow these guidelines, the workplace will be more enjoyable for all employees. Employee satisfaction is a


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