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Brief Swot Analysis on Intel

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Analysis of Intel

Baoxin Mai (26245051)

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1. A brief SWOT for Intel

(1) Strength

To improve its own strength, Intel mainly focused on two aspects: its brand and quality.

① To strengthen its brand awareness in public, Intel launched market branding campaign and took “Intel Inside” as its slogan. After a big success of this campaign, Intel’s brand has been set up in a meaningful way. Following it had the “Bunny people” image and also used the “Blue man group” in its commercials, which help differentiate its brand from other competitive brands. Besides recently it is having a brand transform from “Brainy” to “Warm and fuzzy” to better suit customers’ need.

② Product quality plays a vital role in the electronic company. And Intel kept improving its product quality to maintain its own strength. Intel launched “Centrino” and “Unwired” as more advanced platforms and created the classmate PC, Atom processor and Intel Core i7.

(2) Weakness

As an internal factor, lack of recognition of its brand is the biggest weakness of Intel. At the very first beginning, microprocessors were marked in numbers. Therefore they could not be trademarked and were hardly recognized by customers. Even though Intel prevailed in its product quality, it could not differentiate itself in public. Luckily they noticed this weakness and had a specific market campaign to solute this problem.

(3) Opportunities

To enter into new growth areas, which are the home entertainment and the mobile devices, Intel launched two new platforms. As new trends might focus on education area, Intel created the classmate PC too to seize the opportunities along with the new development.

(4) Threatens

However as other competitors are developing fast, Intel should pay attention to its core competency. One should be focus on the product quality, the other should lay more emphasis on creation and wider cooperation with other types of company, not only with the computer manufactures. Moreover it has changed its slogan to “Leap ahead”. But this slogan may not reveal Intel’s key features and values. It may be a risky strategy in branding.


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