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Big Smile Dental Clinic Customer Service Plan

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Big Smile Dental Clinic

Customer service plan

Yunjue Lir


Customer service case study

  1. As the customer service manager, how would you handle Mrs. Johnson’s complaint?

According to the situation described in the case study, a range of resolutions will be provided below to handle Mrs. Johnson’s complaint.

  1. Listen carefully what Mrs. Johnson’s story.
  2. Ask question and show your concerns to her, put yourself in her shoes.
  3. Apologize to Mrs. Johnson without blaming.
  4. Ask Mrs. Johnson the most acceptable solutions to her.
  5. Solving the problem or find the solution quickly.

  1. List the people you would consult with and explain why?
  1. Customers/clients
  2. Doctors/co-workers
  3. Front-line managers
  4. Potential customers
  5. Laws and rights of customers legislation bodies
  6. Experts

  1. How would you approach and deal with the new receptionist?
  1. Receptionist needed to understand with the procedure in the clinic.
  2. Train again in the workshop
  3. Monitor and review performance again.
  1. What would you do to make sure a similar situation would not happen again?
  1. Regular basis, introduce feedback form make database to know the clinic.
  2. Monitoring and receiving employee who dealing with customers
  3. Policy for some emergency.
  1. Develop a customer service plan to help the customer service manager meet and exceed the needs of the patients.

The detail customer service plan please see below.

  1. Background

The “big smile” is a busy dental clinic that has been operating for more than ten years. The dentists and dental assistants are highly trained professionals that have contributed to an increasing numbers of satisfied patients who regularly mention to the team at the “Big smile” that they are always recommending the clinic to their family and friends.

  1. Customer service plan

As the situation described in the case, it is significant for “BIG SMILE” dental clinic to adopt some measure to improve the customer service. As for improving customer service, some of the steps will be illustrated below:

  1. Increase feedback from customer

At the first place, it is necessary for “BIG SMILE” to listen what their customers’ requirement and expectations. Hence, increasing certain feedback from customer is the first action for this customer service plan.

  • Create certain questionnaire about the service performance for current customers after visiting the clinic both online and in store.
  • Conduct the service procedure and process to create a better overall service experience for all different type of patients.
  • Create database for all the patients who visit the clinic, and periodically send them survey or follow up their state of sickness.

2.2Adopt best practices for improving customer experience

After gathering customers’ feedback, it is vital for the clinic to adopt best practices based on those feedbacks for improving customer experience.


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