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Apple Inc Swot Analysis

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This document includes a complete SWOT analysis of Apple Inc. The SWOT analysis identifies product development, marketing, customer loyalty, brand name and quality as Apple's strengths. Price, share holder relationship, controlling organizational structure, limited products and a low presence in businesses are identified as Apple's weaknesses. Product expansion, improved product warrantees, enhance security, flexibility for consumers and opening more retail stores are all identified as opportunities for Apple. The SWOT then identifies competition, economic state, free music downloads, jail breaking and pressure from music industry as threats that Apple faces. Finally this document identifies two strategies that a competitor of Apple should implement based on the SWOT analysis conducted on Apple. The first strategy is to create a smartphone with 3D technology on the screen. The second strategy is that the company will produce a phone that is comparable to the iPhone but it is offered at a lower cost and available through different networks.


Performing a SWOT analysis is important for corporations to do in order to help build and implement a strategic plan. A SWOT analysis allows a company to research and dissect another company to identify different strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that the company has and faces. This is beneficial for a competing company because it allows them to take advantage of the company's weaknesses and threats and capitalize on them.



Factor 1: Product Development

Apple is one of the greatest product development companies in history. Everything that Apple designs is based off of what Steve Jobs and his team has created and think is a good product (Breillatt, 2011). Product development is important because consumers want the most innovative and newest products. Consumers want the product to be user friendly and for the design to be neat and sleek. Product development is strength of Apple's because they successfully have created the most innovative products which translates into sales. According to David (2011) Apple is one of the best examples of a "first mover" firm in developing new products. The anticipation of Apple's new product releases are always high due to the features and functionality they provide for the consumers.

Factor 2: Marketing

Marketing is important for a company because this a main vehicle in which the company can get their products seen and create a demand for them. According to Bernstein (2011) the art of advertising is what actually and ultimately moves merchandise for corporations. Apple


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