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Advanced Marketing Research

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Effect of bold advertisements (in various forms of media) on brand’s image and consumer attitudes and perceptions

Project report submitted to the

Indian Institute of Management Rohtak

In partial fulfilment for the award of the diploma


Post Graduate Diploma in Management


Abhishiktha Sarella, Aarti Saini, Apoorva Singh

RamyaDeepthi, Navdeep Singh

Under the guidance of

Dr.S.K. Pandey

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Indian Institute of Management Rohtak

August 2014

© 2014Abhishiktha Sarella, Aarti Saini, Apoorva Singh, RamyaDeepthi, Navdeep Singh,

All rights reserved.


First of all, we bow with reverence and gratitude to thank the ALMIGHTY who has enriched us with such a golden opportunity and empowered our mind to fulfil the task assigned to us.

While offering this piece of work, we owe our sincere thanks, deep sense of respect and gratitude to our revered supervisor, Dr. S.K. Pandey for his guidelines, affection and inspiration which helped us to the completion of the project assigned to us. We are extremely privileged to have benefited immensely from their dedication, insight and interpretation, and shall cherish his mentorship forever.

                                                                        Group 9, Section A


We certify that

  1. The work contained in the project is original and has been done by myself under the general supervision of my supervisors.
  2. The work has not been submitted to any Institute for any degree or diploma.
  3. I have followed the guidelines provided by the Institute in writing the project report.
  4. I have conformed to the norms and guidelines given in the Ethical Code of Conduct of the institute.
  5. Whenever I have used materials (data, theoretical analysis, and text) from other sources, I have given due credit to them by citing them in the text of the thesis and giving their details in the references.
  6. Whenever I have quoted written materials from other sources, I have put them under quotation marks and given due credit to the sources by citing them and giving required details in the references.

Abhishiktha Sarella

Aastha Pandey

Aarti Saini

Apoorva Singh


Navdeep Singh



Problem definition        

Approach to the Problem        

Research Design        

A.Type of research design:        

B.Information needed:        

C. Data Collection from Secondary Research:        

D.Data Collection from Primary Sources:        

E.Scaling Techniques:        


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