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A Pest and Swot Analysis on a Speaker Phonecase

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A PEST and SWOT analysis on a Speaker Phonecase

Political – Government encourages technological advances, ‘The Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s innovation agency, has a record £440 million budget this year to support innovative businesses and drive growth across the UK.

Universities and Science Minister David Willetts will confirm today this funding boost which represents an increase of more than £50 million on last year.’

Economic – At a price of £25 it is a very affordable product, accessible for all consumers who are already paying much higher mobile phone tariffs. Moreover the product will be supported economically as a smartphone accessory due to the fact that ‘mobile internet contributes £73bn to economies of EU5’.

Social – Such a product will appeal to a large sector of the population due to the fact the ‘average age of iphone user has risen from 25 to 34 in the last two years’ as of September 2013.

Technological – Due to technological advances, micro chips etc are getting smaller and smaller which has enabled us to create such a product and in the future it will enable use to produce even smaller, more portable products.

Strengths – One of a kind and providing for the ever growing population who own iphones in the UK, ‘as of the end of February, Apple's iPhone held a 32.1 percent UK market share, up 3.1 percent year on year’

Weaknesses – Such cases/speakers may come under criticism for causing anti-social levels of noise in public places.

Threats – Competitors, other small portable speakers that are larger and less transportable, but may offer better sound quality. The influx of tablet users rather than smartphone users.

Opportunities – An opportunity to look into may be the option to customise the case/speaker


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