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The Wish Giver - Book Review

Autor:   •  March 8, 2011  •  Book/Movie Report  •  398 Words (2 Pages)  •  2,850 Views

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This book specifies what happens when you make a wish, and what happens if it comes true. Be careful what you wish for the wise say. One wish may go a very long way. The five main characters feeling all contrast with each other. One of the main characters wishes to have more friends and be noticed, and before she knew it her wish came true, but it took her from the opposite of what she wanted. Another character wishes to have more water for his family needs, you may not think that is bad... but wait until you find out what happens. The other character wishes for a boy she thought she liked to stay planted in he roots. She said that as in for him to stay put and stay with her forever. Well the last person that receives a wish wishes for everything to go back to how it was. The person who gave them their wishes (wish cards) is thaddeus blinn. He reminds me of a conman, after he gives them their wish, he runs away and tells them they won't see him again without telling them to be careful what they wish for. Whether or not your wish sacrifices just you or everyone, one wish can go a long way. Maybe sometimes you say you need to have something, or you really want this, but you shouldn't say that. YOu shouls be happy with what you already have not what you don't have. The author of this book teaches a valuable lesson. You should know when you have enough or not. You are who you are fora reason. Maybe now you have something but probably later on in life you will get to that point in life where you will have that. But face it, you will never have everything you want. Nobody ever will. So be happy now and look forward to the future not the past. Don't say, 'i didn't get that last time' think about now and what you already have. The character who saved their wish i personally think is the smartest beccause he knew he already had everything he need and didn't need anything more nor anything less. He is the type of person you might ask


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