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The Universe Next Door - Book Review

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The Universe next door is written from a Christian prospective that give us understanding of the different worldviews. Sire stated in his book on page 12 that "we should not only be able to detect the world view of others but be aware of our own" This is I believe the primary purpose of this book. The important purpose is for us to have justification of what we believe as well as an understanding of the worldview of others.

According to Sire on page 20 "a world view is a commitment, a fundamental orientation of the heart, that can be expressed as a story or in a set of presuppositions that we hold about the basic constitution of reality, and provides the foundation on which we live and move and have our being."

Evaluating the different worldviews would be impossible if there were not a consistent and set standard. Sir developed eight questions that would help determine the validity of the worldviews. The questions are found in our text on page 22, what is prim reality, what is the nature of external reality, what is a human being, what happens to a person after death, why is it possible to know anything at all, how do we know right from wrong, what is the meaning of human history and what personal life orienting core commitments are consistent with this world view. These questions will gives us what we might need to substantiate our worldview. It could also help understand who we are as well as the world around us.

The first worldview which Sire himself has adopted is Christian Theism. I am glad that the author is forthright in declaring what his world view is. This allows the reader to understand the bases of his thought without having to guess at his worldview. Christian Theism is a discussion on the basics of Christianity. It answers questions on. "How we know god?" and "what role does human freedom play in a universe where God is sovereign?"Page 25-26. This is a very good read that express the greatness of the one and only God that I serve. Sire clearly describes God as being infinite, personal, transcendent, omniscient, sovereign, and good. Sire goes on with answering the questions he has set forth to evaluate telling about the worldview that God created the world, he created it with order and how he is constantly involved. Sire also talks about how we are made in the image of a God and how God has not left us alone but has made a way for us to have a relationship with him through communication. God revels himself to us through general and special revelations. We were all created good but because of the fall we live under curse of Adams and Eve's disobedience. However, God had a plan for redemption through what Jesus did on the cross. It is wonderful to know that we have the opportunity to have a relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ. Questions are answered about life after death in how we will live eternally somewhere, in heaven that he has prepared for us or


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