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The Holocaust: A Reader Book Review

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Part I of the book, The Holocaust: A Reader, gives information on the preconditions which led to the "Final Solution" known as the Holocaust. It focuses on each aspect, including anti-Semitism, the Weimar Republic ending and Hitler's reign beginning, and finally Hitler's own view on the Jews. The book is made up of a collaboration of different readings so each chapter is by a different author and has their take on the situation presented in that chapter. Having so many different authors could help or hurt the book depending on your ability to follow the readings.

If the reader is able to keep up they will gain a lot of knowledge through reading this book. It is able to give different perspectives on aspects leading up to the Holocaust, some which were firsthand accounts, such as the excerpt from Hitler's Mein Kampf in the chapter "Nation and Race" and also historian's researched knowledge as in the chapters "Anti-Semites" and "From Weimar to Hitler" by Bernard Lewis and Robert S. Wistrich respectively.

In the chapter "Anti-Semites" Lewis takes an in depth look at the religion and racism aspect of the preconditions. He uses examples and quotes throughout his writing to make it easier for the reader to understand. He is careful not to criticize, but sympathize with the Jews and their struggle which makes it more relatable to readers because of their shared feelings towards the situation.

"From Weimar to Hitler" seems to focus on why the Holocaust happened instead of how it happened like many other books. It offers a new perspective to readers and the references to Hilter's book, Mein Kampf, give readers a look at Hitler's thoughts and actions to help explain why the Holocaust happened. It also refers to what was happening before Hitler came to power instead of just focusing on the Holocaust itself.

The chapter "Nation and Race",


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