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Keeper of the Night - Book Review

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Book Title: Keeper of the Night

Author: Kimberly Willis Holt

Setting: The whole story happened in the Island of Guam. A place where the main character of the story felt all the sadness because of her mother's suicidal and all her sacrifices for her new life. A place where we see how Isabela and her family try to get on with their normal lives despite the tension that surrounds them.

Main Characters:

 Isabela – a 13 years old girl that replaced her mother's duty when it died

 Tata – father of Isabel. He is a fisherman

 Frank – Isabel's 12 years old brother

 Olivia – Isabel's 7 years old sister

 Minerva – Her father's sister

 Bernadette- Her mother's older sister

 Teresita – Best friend of Isabel

 Lorenzo – King of the Cockfighters. Isabel's friend

 Roman – admirer of Isabel

Summary: fter Isabel’s mom commits suicide, her whole life changes, and her family’s life too. Her dad, who she calls Tata, is so depressed with the loss that he becomes a recluse, blocking out his children and spending the whole day fishing. Her kid sister, Olivia, is repeatedly waking up from nightmares, having Isabel comfort her and get her back to sleep. Before, Isabel’s brother, Frank was a social


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