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The E-Myth Revisited - Book Review

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The book "The E-myth revisited" has been very intriguing and revealing in knowing the different stages, pit falls, and solutions to a new or growing business. I would like to apply this book specifically to a company that I worked for that was in the beginning of the "adolescence" stage and growing. It was a low voltage cabling company that installed phone, computer, data, security, and television lines in different businesses. By comparing and contrasting the different principles presented in E-myth, it will become clear what this business could do to improve and prepare for future growth in this industry.

When I entered the business, I was just supposed to be the helper or the assistant, so my role was to follow instructions. The business was being operated out of a home, with all the cabling products being found in random places in the house and out in the back shed. When I got there, it was obvious that almost every employee was a technician. They were all hard workers and wanted to get things done, but to be honest there was not much of a visionary aspect or a preparation for the future. From reading this book, I would suggest to my employers that they hire someone who is in charge of the strategy and innovation of the company and its services, or at least spend more time to envision what this company could be and then make goals to achieve these certain benchmarks.

As I gained more experience and had more time in this company, I noticed something interesting. Each day I would show up to work and then be assigned to a project and a partner. We would then drive to the site and begin our work. It seemed that almost every day I was working on a new project with a new partner that someone had already previously started. To make matters worse, each co-worker that I was put with had a slightly different way of doing things, which created problems since someone else had started the project and done it slightly different. There was no continuity or consistency. Since I was just an assistant, I just followed orders, but from my vantage point, it was incredibly clear that this company was not efficient and was wasting time and resources. So what principle from E-myth could help with this problem? The turn key revolution. All they needed is to have a franchise prototype, even though they were a small company. This company needed a model that was down in writing (the operations manual), enforced with incentives (predictability), and trained on at hiring (user-friendly and functional). The next solution would be to give projects to certain employees and let them continue and finish this job so that there is no time lost learning the new project and trying to finish someone else's work.

"Do we have any more of that CAT 30 cable?...When is the deadline for this project?...How much


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