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Journey to Financial Ecstasy - Book Review

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Journey to Financial Ecstasy

By: Klint Brown of "Domino Inc"


By opening this booklet lets me know that you have bigger dreams for you and your family. You've taken the first step to true financial freedom. Once you hone this skill it will lead to true financial ecstasy.

Why was this book written?

This book was written to assist people like me. When you grow up in a typical poor environment survival is the only focus. But happens once you've survived? Many of us don't know how to live. We've missed out on the next step of life. Majority of our parents taught how to survive but never equipped us with the skills to live and succeed at it. This book is meant to bridge the gap, to teach a financial foundation or to build on what you already know. Everyone can get something from this book. Now I can't promise after reading this book you'll be the next warren buffet, but I'll guarantee if you read it and stick to its principles you'll live way better in terms of financial means. This journey will not be your typical get a job with a 401k and invest early (although we discuss this advantage later). This will teach the foundations of great wealth and encourage your creativity, encourage your inner ambitions.

What you'll need while reading this?

A note pad for notes and 3 questions to ask:

What do I want?

How bad do I want it?

Is this possible?

II. Start with the one in the mirror

Now by now you should be aware that there is no get rich scheme, there's no inside secret that will make you rich tomorrow. With that being said a life of mediocrity does not have to ensue.

First step we're going to do is identify your biggest obstacle. The reason you even need this book.


Not to sound o so cliché but it's entirely true. The biggest reason we're not already successful is because of our own fears and bad habits. Nothing to be ashamed of but acknowledging them and eradicating them are the first step to a financially healthier you.

This shouldn't be a shocker. We all know when we are making mistakes, although we like to act like we were the victim or we had no choice, we're all aware. Right now on your note pad make a T chart. On one side make it a list of things you want and on the other make a list of things in your way.



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