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Holes by Louis Sacher - Book Review

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The novel HOLES by Louis Sachar is a very suit able novel for year 8 to be reading. This novel is based on a young teenage boy named Stanley Yelnats. Stanley is falsely accused of stealing and was sent to a detention camp in Texas where he is supposed to build his character and change his ways. While at camp, he makes a friend and develops many new, interesting characteristics. In the setting and plot, the author tries to explain how life can be tough but very rewarding if we remain determined and hopeful.

Throughout the story, the author slowly mixes in how Stanley's family has a curse of bad luck, and whenever something is wrong, they always blame Stanley's "no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather." Stanley and his family don't really believe in the curse but they use Stanley's great-great-grandfather as someone to put the blame on, simply because it feels good.

The character Stanley is a very strong-willed character; he always has an open mind no matter what situation. He is an overweight teenager who has a hard schooling life and home life. Stanley was accused of stealing a pair of clyde Livingston’s sneakers from a charity home. Clyde Livingston was a famous baseball player and his shoes were going to be auctioned off for money to go towards helping the charity home. When he was innocent but no-one besides he parents believed it, so the judge gave him two choices: either go to juvenile detention or go to camp green lake. He choose camp green lake thinking that it was like all those other camps that all the rich kids go to but it was the exact opposite to that it was a camp that was used to make bad boys build character to leave that camp with manners and respect other people. So the judge sentenced him to eighteen months at camp green lake, where he made many good friendships but the main friendship was between hector and Stanley.

The character zero is a concealed person; he is that distant from the rest of the characters didn’t even know his name (Hector Zeroni). But what we find out about halfway through the novel it is because no-one there cares enough to know his name all they say about him is that he is stupid because he can’t read or write. Then Stanley comes along and zero talks to him because he feels bad that Stanley took the blame


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